Tad & Nicole

This was a fun Clemson wedding. Nicole was a member of the Rally Cats. Tad is a goofy guy, with a bunch of goofy fraternity brothers. This bride and groom, dressed classy, were charismatic and photogenic and had a great photographer. We met Chris Isham at this wedding and went on to see him again a few weeks later at another wedding quite serendipitously. He shoots on film and brings a PA just to change out rolls of film. We’ve never met a photographer at a wedding that did not shoot digital. His photos look great. He’s a real pro. It must be an amazing amount of extra work to use the light meter, and trust that you are exposing the photos correctly when you cannot review the shots immediately. Great weather, great visuals. This trailer was a perfect opportunity to use a song, that I had in the hopper for a long time. We were just waiting for the right couple to use it!