Steven & Amanda

This couple met at Pfeiffer University in North Carolina a few years ago. Steven Harper (not to be confused with the current Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper) and Amanda were always friends, but it was not until more recently that they began dating. They were emphatic in their interviews that coming together made both of their lives much better than they could have imagined. They had a great engagement story, with the proposal taking place in the very chapel where they were married on December 22nd. Coincidentally, December 22 happens to be my birthday. It was an absolute pleasure to film their wedding and participate in the festivities. The chapel at Pfiefer is stately, traditional and picturesque. We enjoyed shooting alongside the team from Capture Photography. Nathan had no fear, dropping to the ground or climbing anything to get all the best angles. The reception was held at the old 1908 refurbished Train Station in Salisbury, NC. The reception was really unique in that building with all of the different candle light sources. Twinkly Christmas lights were great to blur out in some of their scenes, further enhancing the romance of the night. Split Second Sound was solid through the reception as always. Steven and Amanda are both musicians. Amanda is a pianist and Stephen plays trombone. They carefully chose the music for their DVDs and especially requested “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge as their trailer soundtrack.