Our Services

Silver Package

– 6hr wedding day coverage
– 1 videographer
– 2 cameras covering ceremony
– 30-45 min wedding movie in HD
– 2-3 minute cinematic highlight

Gold Package (Our most popular package)

– 8hr wedding day coverage
– 2 videographers (primary 8hrs, secondary 5hrs)
– 3 cameras covering ceremony
– 45-120 min wedding movie in HD
– 3-5 minute cinematic highlight

Platinum Package 

– 10hr wedding day coverage
– 2 videographers (both 10hrs)
– 4 cameras covering ceremony
– 90-180 min wedding movie in HD
– bride and groom interviews
– 4-7 minute cinematic highlight

A La Carte Services


Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

For families and large wedding parties prepared to roast, toast and/or give many heartfelt speeches, we recommend rehearsal dinner video coverage. The spoken words here can be inserted into a cinematic highlight to further personalize the piece. We also include a separate two-camera edit of all speeches and toasts in their full duration.

4K Wedding Capture

Many brides and grooms now have cutting edge 4K televisions and would prefer that their wedding day be recorded at the best possible quality (approximately four times higher resolution than HD). This is the ultimate enhancement.

Next Day Edit

This means that the cinematic highlight will be available for download and streaming 24hrs after the reception ends. By contrast, our typical return time is approximately 3 to 4 months.

Same Day Edit

We will film and edit a cinematic highlight during the wedding day to be shown at your reception. For venues that are not equipped, we can provide a screen and projector upon request. Rehearsal dinner toasts or bride and groom interviews from a Love Story video can be integrated into this piece.

DVD & Blu-Ray Discs

We understand that some family members may have not yet made the leap to streaming, let alone HD. While the files of your cinematic highlight, wedding day film, etc will be delivered for download and streaming in crystal clear 1920X1080p HD, we also offer regular standard definition DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs.


A one-minute square cut Insta video further condensing the cinematic highlight is a great add-on for brides & grooms whose social network is not primarily Facebook.

The Slow-Motion Video Booth

Everyone is familiar with a standard photobooth. Props, camera, backdrop & good times at the reception. We take this to another level by using a specialized extreme slow-motion videocamera. Movement looks crazy awesome when displayed at ten times slower than real life. We will provide a separate edited and creatively speed adjusted 2-5min music video specifically of guests in your reception slowmo booth. Our backdrop, lights, camera and guest viewing monitor occupy a 15X30’ space. Props are provided.

Love Story Video

A love story is best scheduled to be filmed in conjunction with engagement photos. In addition to footage of the engagement shoot, in an informal interview we will ask questions of the bride and groom such as, “How did you meet? Tell us your engagement story?” etc. The responses will be creatively edited to tell their unique story. These videos are most often premiered at the rehearsal dinner, but they may also be played at the reception. Like rehearsal dinner speeches, the responses from the bride and groom are often included in the cinematic highlights.

Raw Footage

We film a lot of content and are rolling for most of a wedding day. While we feel experienced at culling the very best moments for the cinematic highlights, the bride and groom may still want the uncut raw clips. We have had brides say that they, “felt like a spy watching their wedding day from all of these different perspectives.” We will mail a hard drive with the original footage and audio files.

Add Additional Hours

No wedding day is the same. The itinerary of a bride and groom may not fit neatly into our base 8hrs of coverage. We have filmed weddings that started very early and ended very, very late.