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Beach Wedding

Brianne & Nathan hired us to film their wedding video in Salter Path, NC for their fun and festive beach wedding. I always thought, living in SC for the past 10 years, that I would go to the beach more. Unfortunately there is no easy way to get to the coast of NC so we had never had a chance to explore. Ashley and I loved touring Wilmington, and had a chance to tour EUE/Screen Gems where they are currently filming Under the Dome for CBS and Sleepy Hollow for Fox. The wedding was windy! It was a good thing we carefully hid the officiant’s mic from the wind. We are approaching our 100th wedding in June, but had never filmed one on sand. It poses tricky logistical issues like keeping sand out of the camera lenses and bodies while maintaining parallel lines with the framing while the tripods rest on uneven ground. We like a good challenge though. I liked running back and forth through the dunes subtly tracking the wedding party with the steadicam as they marched down to the ceremony location by the water. Brianne specifically requested lots of motion in the shots. (People moving and camera moving). Editing their wedding video was fun. I don’t usually use so much wide angle footage, but I think it packs in the honest high-spirited energy of the day. This was a fun edit. We liked being around the palmetto trees and the ocean. It was nice to meet Lauren of Lauren Rogers Photography.