Laura & Andrew

Last month we shot Laura & Andrew’s wedding in the Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina. They booked us early in 2012 without ever having met us at a wedding show, so in March we finally met in person on Skype! Andrew was clearly just along for the ride and Laura was kind to involve us in the planning process as she drew up the schedule of the day. This was a couple that valued videography and built us into the day. We find more and more that brides and grooms are energized by video and really prioritize their schedules to best suit our recommendations for a successful day of shooting. It’s exciting for us when the bride and groom are already excited about their movie without even having seen it! We followed the groomsmen to a golf course in Greenville for a windy morning on the driving range. Then we sojourned to the bride’s home a few minutes away. We captured the hair and makeup and a bridal interview. Back at the church, at Mitchell Road Presbyterian, we recorded the groom’s interview and setup for the first look. We shot alongside Gabrielle Grace Photography. Wow! Did Gabby sure have a great lens bag. She had just about the finest glass a photographer can own. Pretty good for a 19-year-old Bob Jones University freshman! It was interesting to find out that Laura and Andrew met at Clemson but that she had attended the BJU Academy while I was there getting my Master’s. The ceremony went off without a hitch. The bride and groom said, “I do” and we headed off to The Loom. The Loom is a restored old cotton mill that is now a very popular wedding venue for receptions. I really like the bags of Loom cotton candy that are designed to look like white cotton souvenirs. At the reception, what stood out to me was the pasta with sweet, pickled jalapenos. I have never had anything like it and I probably ate a ton! Delicious. But what was more remarkable was Andrew’s first dance with Laura. They danced to a Michael Buble cover of the Queen song, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” It was fantastic swing dancing. Ashley and I have NEVER seen better dancing. They were so relaxed and enjoyed themselves while really putting on the moves. They left a few hours later under a spray of lavender pedals thrown by guests.

“I’m so glad we chose Carlisle Videography to do our wedding. I highly recommend videography to any bride-to-be. The highlights trailer Drew put together for us was so wonderful – we loved sharing it with our family and friends, especially those who weren’t able to be there. It was so fun to watch the full length video as well. Drew and Ashley did a great job and captured so many details and moments that we didn’t remember or see because the day went by so quickly. I can’t wait to relive our day down the road through our video.”
Laura Morton, bride