Kenneth & Ashley

K & Ashley had an ENORMOUS wedding party! By the numbers there were over 45 people up on the stage of the modern church in Simpsonville, SC. It looked really impressive. All the attendants in the wedding party, including honoraries and ushers had matching attire. Their live band played Stevie Wonder, which is why I incorporated his original track in this trailer. From the church we moved to Zen in downtown Greenville. That was an elegant choice for the large wedding party and guests. Ashley and K arrived via horse drawn carriage and proceeded to dance, eat, sign their marriage certificate and eat some of the tallest cake I have ever seen at a wedding. Their program read at the top, “Fairy Tales Do Come True.” That cake had a little castle on top and sitting on a table was a good foot taller than me. It was a festive occasion. We were all glad to be inside during the ceremony and immediately following to avoid the rain. The showers abated and gave way to some nice color in the sky which is visible as K and Ashley get out of their carriage.