Caitlin & Preston

Preston and Caitlin were married outside on the stately lawn at Vesuvius Vineyards. The large, white columned Southern Plantation house in Iron Station, NC is a fantastic location for weddings. We love shooting here because the owners are kind to vendors, we always seem to have perfect weather and it’s super convenient to be in one location all day. I am not saying that we are in any way opposed to bopping all over Charlotte, Asheville or Greenville as we shoot a wedding day, but being in one spot allows us to take more time than usual setting up more elaborate and thoughtful shots. When we run and gun on sticks (monopods) we simply cannot get images with as much emotional density and complexity. Our passion is story telling and Caitlin’s vision for her wedding film really meshed with what we do best.¬† I admired the fact that she is an events coordinator at the Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte, NC. She is used to working with all kinds of vendors at events ranging from weddings to politician meetings for the recent DNC. As a vendor herself, she was incredibly organized. Her thank you note was especially considerate. We spent a full day at the house and in the surrounding yard and creek area. The temperature was in the mid 80s for most of the day. Some of the more unique attributes of their movie are that¬† the bride and groom provided the corresponding voiceovers reading the letters they wrote to their future spouses. That element made for a very compelling sequence. Their maid of honor played the baby grand piano in the foyer of Vesuvius Vineyards manor house. I was able to take that music and use it as the backing track for their first look. We had ample time to set up sliding shots and take footage of the bride and groom with our steadicam. I love the effect of gliding around and past the subject. It takes a still shot and brings life and energy to it.

Little touches on their end such as decor, signage, original music at the wedding made this day extra personal. Even the reception was unique. Their cake sat on a tree stump which matched their outdoor rustic theme well. The groomsmen were some of the most affable, dance friendly guys we have had this year. Filming their drinking game for ACDC’s Thunderstruck was particularly funny. They sang country songs, and even had a prepared dance, sing-off to Justin Bieber’s Baby, Baby, Baby. Their affable, silly dancing kept the dancing and drinking uplifting. Everything about the day went well. I was burned by sparklers during their send-off, but no worries! The footage is still usable. The corresponding shot that Ash was taking is pretty funny. The bride and groom are kissing in front of a dramatic corridor of sparklers. I am in the background filming discretely when a wedding guest pokes me in the neck with a sparkler. Ash’s shot shows how I jumped. It’s pretty goofy. Overall everyone was in great spirits throughout this day. Caitlin had it planned well and the execution of each stage of the day was flawless. We stuck to schedule and everyone had a good time. We definitely enjoyed working with Lauren Cardwell Photography. They were fast and thorough.

Other Vendors:

ShutterBooth, Chocolatier Barrucand, Artistry Florals, Split Second Sound