Marissa & Greer

The Madren Center should be the destination of choice for anyone who wants to go all out with a Clemson University themed wedding. The Tigers mascots were great, not to mention the manicured grounds and the large air… Read More

Stephanie & Mark

This stellar couple was married at the Madren Center in Clemson, SC. What a fantastic day! The gardens were perfect! Everything was in full bloom. They have fantastic groundskeepers at the Madren Center. The weather for their outdoor… Read More

Engagement Story

Stephanie and Mark are two well spoken people. Their engagement story is original and moving. They are clearly so in love and so very emotional. Mark built doors for Stephanie to walk through at the Madren Center Pavillion…. Read More

Mary & Joseph

Mary’s parents always said that if they had a boy, that they would have named him “Robert Joseph.” Well they had to wait a while, but they got their Robert Joseph! Robert, or as he prefers to be… Read More